George "The Silencer" Sullivan

George Sullivan turned pro in 2006. He's a brown belt in BJJ under Kurt Pellegrino, George has 5 world titles under the Cage fury Fighting championships. He currently fights for the UFC and has his next fight set for July 23 in Chicago. Record 17 wins 5 defeats 1 draw 11 knockouts.

We met him when he just entered the IFFC, a level below UFC. Semi-Pro. We helped George with his supplements and diet plan to get him ready to fight in the IFFC, he quickly became champ, and defended his title 5 times in a row, all by knock out. Then he was called up to the UFC where he fights now as a pro. Nutrishop does his sports nutrition, and supplement plan.

Products George uses from Team Nutrishop

Arabol By Cellshock
Stance BCAA Razzberry
Natures Fuel Wild Berry
Natures Greens
Karboyln Natural
Pro7 protein Chocolate