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Congratulations to @josh_karichner for getting his first of many first place trophies for TNS.

Special thanks to our PRO. Coach coach @kentbierly and TNS home gym @purefocus.
TNS is now two for two with their competitors taking home the trophy!

Congrats to TNS Athlete @jakemaglione !! The second TNS Athlete in 1 week to win their debut as a @nj_nutrishop Athlete and @sullivan_ufc Athlete.
Jake took:
1st place novice
1st place debut
2 place open
3rd place classic physique
Congrats on all your hard work @jakemaglione and @codymaffucci for their wins.

And this is only the beginning, contact us to be a part of our team we welcome everyone, B.B., bikini, figure, fighter, power-lifters, and all Athletes.

Age: 22
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170
Compete: Physique and Classic Physique

NPC North Americans National Show-16th out of 47
NPC Muscle beach 1st place
NPC Garden state 4th Place
NPC SJ Championship-6th place

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Saturday Aug. 25, 2018