Just send us Customers, and get rewarded!!


Sponsored athletes get 15% off all TNS approved supplements. ALWAYS as long as active supporting NS on SM pages

When 6 weeks out of a show, TNS athletes get 50% off TNS supplements.
You get TNS gear to wear. 1 Free paid entry into your show. Free coaching, and diet.

Also you get referral credits for everyone you refer to Nutrishop.

In return we ask that you use TNS approved sups. Post 3 times per week about TNS on your SM media pages. ALL posts relating to supplements, supplement stores, and the supplements you use, must be TNS approved.

Some athletes can get FULL sponsorships if the relationship grows, and your sending in customers.

We provide you with a posing coach, and everything you need. Posing coach, and any personal training is your only expense, and tanning and travel is your expense.

Also, you get the opportunity, to make commission on sales, 24/7. You can actually make money by being sponsored by Nutrishop. That we discuss in person

Coaching costs about $300 per week.
Entry fee is $90-$225 for Nationals.
Supplements cost about $400 per month, if your doing them properly.

With Nutrishop, you coaching is FREE, your entry is FREE, you supplements, are up to 50% off, and you can make $500 a week, so consider that, when looking for sponsors to be a part of.

No one else can offer, what Nutrishop can.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Nutrishop Team!

Anyone looking to join Team Nutrishop:

All you have to do is reach out to owner/Operation/Competitor

Click the link for more info.

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